Tanner Robbins

Tanner Robbins is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (LMFTA) who works to empower and improve the daily lives of members of the families he works with. Tanner received his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma Christian University and his Master’s degree from Fairfield University in Connecticut. Tanner’s focus is on healing the relationships between family members and how those relationships can be the very basis for healing within the individuals. Tanner has worked in private practice settings and in a public agency setting.

Tanner’s passion is in working with couples and families, and he utilizes a systemic approach to fairly treat clients in these modalities, as well as individuals. Tanner works to help client families build healthy boundaries and deconstruct unhealthy relational patterns. His approach recognizes each member of the family and their behaviors as important to both issues and solutions. Tanner’s work with individuals utilizes his systemic training to aid those who are dealing with issues such as anxiety or depression in the context of family problems. He frequently helps individuals who are leaving home or exiting relationships to take their next steps.

One of Tanner’s fundamental beliefs about humanity is that we all have a potential to grow and out-perform the expectations that we may have grown up with or that we place on ourselves. Tanner works with his clients to partner and coach them to break old unhelpful expectations and to build new empowering expectations, allowing for adaptation and flexibility they may not have known before.

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