• Maureen Ford is a most insightful therapist to entrust your deepest hurts, pains, and disappointments with as you navigate the journey back to healthy living. She helps you explore the many scenarios that exist, not just your own viewpoint. By doing this she assists you in seeing the many options that occur in any troubling situation. Maureen’s kindness and happiness shine through with a genuine spirit to help you see the best in you. She will be your biggest advocate and supporter as you do the work to get healthy.

    – Dee

  • I have been seeing Maureen for over three years, and she has created a comfortable, safe space for me to learn how to live with anxiety and depression. She has helped me navigate several life changing events, and with her help I’ve come out of each of them a stronger person.

    – Mary

  • Although it was difficult to admit, our young, elementary school-aged son was suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. After noticing a change in his behavior at school, we contacted Suffolk Counseling Services. We had one discussion with Ruth Love and knew she would be a great fit for him.  Ruth is a kind and patient person, a true professional and dedicated to helping her clients. She is able to relate well to our son and he loves going to see her.  

     We have now been going to Ruth for 9 months.  We saw positive results in our son within a few weeks. Although in this short time, she has assisted him tremendously with identifying and addressing his anxiety, while also giving us all strategies to assist him in managing it, the most important aspect she brought to our family, especially to our son, was an additional support system.  With the social and academic pressures and demands our children now face at a younger age, we couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the one-on-one professional guidance and support Ruth provides to him. While we were initially very hesitant to get him into the ‘therapy world’ at such a young age, we now see the importance of doing so and have absolutely no regrets. Providing our son with a well-rounded support system will only benefit him as he grows older, facing adversity and new challenges. We are confident in Ruth’s expertise and knowledge and look forward to her assistance in helping us to support our son in the future.  

    – Jamie W.

  • Caitlin asks the right questions. She has helped me make great strides. I have had a big improvement to my mental health since I started seeing her in February. She is amazing. 

    – Ryan

  • My time working with Alyson is something I will be forever thankful for. It allowed me to see how strong I truly am. She gave me the knowledge and tools to work through many challenges in my life and help me to become the person I am today. I would not have been able to get out of a very dark, unhealthy relationship and move on with my life without her help and I owe a large part of my happiness and success in my current relationships to the time I spent working through many issue with her. I was able to learn so many things about relationships, life in general and myself as a person. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to her services, as I am fully confident that she can help anyone who makes the courageous decision to seek it.

    – Courtney

  • My work with Alyson not only helped me with my emotional and mental needs at the time, but also gave me the tools to solve future issues on my own, which is empowering. Although I have achieved many of my goals with Alyson, I know I can always come back in for a “tune-up” session as needed. I always felt comfortable working with Alyson – sessions felt more like a chat (albeit a productive, healthy chat) with a friend who was committed to helping me, not just in the moment but for the long term as well. 

    – Tiffany

  • The help I have received from Alyson has been boundless and life changing. My initial visit was to help with my current relationship and everything that affected it. Little did I know so much of my issue had little to do with my actual relationship with my now husband but more with my inner struggles and self-acceptance. My therapist was/is not only compassionate but allows me to feel what I feel all the while exploring options that may suit me better and validate my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I sought help not knowing where it may lead but feeling as though I had no other option. Not only did Alyson and others make me feel completely at home and comfortable but helped me change my life for the better. I am now married, and my relationship has its struggles, but I am equipped with the knowledge and forethought to respond accordingly. I still continue my visits simply because life is a work in progress and the trust I have in Suffolk Counseling Services and their staff is infinite. I highly recommend Suffolk Counseling Services to everyone to help with a variety of needs. Your experience will change your life.

    – Liz D., Farmingville

  • Alyson helped me find myself again after a dark period in my life. I cannot thank her enough for assisting me in working through my struggles.  

    – Kerry N.

  • I came to Alyson when I was pregnant, physically sick beyond comprehension and depressed. I was a person who always thought I would seek help if I needed it but could never imagine the illogical thinking a person suffering from depression experiences. Or rather, the non-thinking. I would sit around sick and lost in an empty sad mind, unhappy to have a child. My husband by catering to my needs helped me to not completely fade away. But I needed real help. I needed to cry, feel bad for myself, and hear another person tell me that this was temporary. I actually could not seem to trust that this was temporary. I’m a spiritual person and believe I was blessed to stumble upon Alyson’s name. From the moment I began to see her… I was seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel. I felt extremely comfortable with her. She was always the best type of professional. One who was knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate but unlike any friend… She obviously was trained and remarkable about having neutral reactions but always showed a human sided when I needed it. She just knew exactly what she was doing. I truly felt she cared about my well-being and wanted to help me. I could honestly say I don’t know if I would have been able to finish my pregnancy and have my beautiful son without Alyson. To some it might seem extreme, but in my heart of hearts, I basically owe her for my son’s life. Alyson clearly is dedicated to her profession and the purpose behind it- simply- to help, to guide, to open up one’s mind and to be a sounding board-at least, for me that is what she was. Thank you Alyson so very very much!    

    – Lorin