Liz D., Farmingville

The help I have received from Alyson has been boundless and life changing. My initial visit was to help with my current relationship and everything that affected it. Little did I know so much of my issue had little to do with my actual relationship with my now husband but more with my inner struggles and self-acceptance. My therapist was/is not only compassionate but allows me to feel what I feel all the while exploring options that may suit me better and validate my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I sought help not knowing where it may lead but feeling as though I had no other option. Not only did Alyson and others make me feel completely at home and comfortable but helped me change my life for the better. I am now married, and my relationship has its struggles, but I am equipped with the knowledge and forethought to respond accordingly. I still continue my visits simply because life is a work in progress and the trust I have in Suffolk Counseling Services and their staff is infinite. I highly recommend Suffolk Counseling Services to everyone to help with a variety of needs. Your experience will change your life.

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