Jamie W.

Although it was difficult to admit, our young, elementary school-aged son was suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. After noticing a change in his behavior at school, we contacted Suffolk Counseling Services. We had one discussion with Ruth Love and knew she would be a great fit for him.  Ruth is a kind and patient person, a true professional and dedicated to helping her clients. She is able to relate well to our son and he loves going to see her.  

 We have now been going to Ruth for 9 months.  We saw positive results in our son within a few weeks. Although in this short time, she has assisted him tremendously with identifying and addressing his anxiety, while also giving us all strategies to assist him in managing it, the most important aspect she brought to our family, especially to our son, was an additional support system.  With the social and academic pressures and demands our children now face at a younger age, we couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the one-on-one professional guidance and support Ruth provides to him. While we were initially very hesitant to get him into the ‘therapy world’ at such a young age, we now see the importance of doing so and have absolutely no regrets. Providing our son with a well-rounded support system will only benefit him as he grows older, facing adversity and new challenges. We are confident in Ruth’s expertise and knowledge and look forward to her assistance in helping us to support our son in the future.  

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