Megan Kowalchick

Megan Kowalchick is a Licensed Master Social Worker who joined the team at Suffolk Counseling Services in 2012. Since that time Megan has become our in-house “kid whisperer”, gracing our office with her abundant energy, love for her clients, infectious laughter and incredible clinical skills. Megan approaches everything she does with a passion for providing a safe and caring space for clients to identify their strengths and achieve their goals while assisting them in developing a genuine love and respect for who they themselves are as individuals.

Since joining out team, Megan has expanded her work to include adolescent and adult clients in addition to children. She utilizes strengths-based cognitive-behavioral approach (CBT) and client-centered therapy. One of Megan’s gifts is her able to motivate her clients to succeed in the management of a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, behavioral disturbances, social and emotional issues, parent/child relationships, parenting, and behavior management. All done in an environment supporting laughter, kindness and strength, She aims to support client self-determination and build self-confidence by focusing on client abilities and celebrating their progress as they move forward in achieving their goals.

In her work with children and families, Megan works closely with parents and school personnel to assist clients in achieving their goals in the home and school settings, as well as in therapy. She genuinely believes that a therapeutic approach encompassing all environments in which the client exists is important in order to establish a sense of consistency and safety for the encouragement of client success.

Whether working with adults or children, Megan believes that positive relationships and communication are the key to positive life experiences. She strives to motivate clients to identify, develop, and trust in their inner strengths and abilities. Megan has the ability to create the opportunity for clients to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them in a safe space that encourages and supports an individual’s connection to their unique and wonderful self.

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