Caitlin Winnicki is a Licensed Master Social Worker who earned her Master’s degree from Stony Brook University with a specialization in trauma. Caitlin offers compassionate, dedicated care to those struggling with anxiety, depression, and recovery from trauma. She strives to provide safety and non-judgmental support through a holistic, mind-body approach to therapy and healing.

Caitlin combines an expertise in women’s health with a strong background in patient advocacy that was forged by her experience as a hospital social worker, birth doula and childbirth educator. With over a decade of experience attending births across Long Island and New York City, she has assisted women and their partners through all phases of pregnancy, and the postpartum period. She is a fierce advocate for families, helping them navigate the changes that follow birth and is sensitive to the unique challenges involved in recovering from birth trauma, fertility struggles, perinatal loss, perinatal mood disorders, and parenting.

Drawing upon her experience as a medical social worker, Caitlin has provided counseling and guidance for individuals and families facing chronic illness, complex care-planning, addiction recovery, end-of–life decisions, caregiver burdens, and loss & bereavement.

Caitlin Winnicki, LMSW