Rebecca Rosado

Rebecca is a Licensed Master Social Worker who earned her degree in Social Work from Fordham University.

Rebecca’s path to social work began with her work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From her time with this population, Rebecca has gained valuable knowledge in crisis intervention, behavioral modification, and helping those express their emotions in a positive and productive manner.

Rebecca also has experience working with adolescents who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Rebecca has utilized effective therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to provide a strengths-based perspective to these adolescents and aid them through their process of recovery.

As a current Medical Social Worker Rebecca is skilled in advocating for clients and helping them in achieving their goals. From her work at the hospital, Rebecca is knowledgeable in working with clients and families who may be dealing with chronic illnesses or a new medical diagnosis. Rebecca also has experience working with clients and families who are experiencing grief and loss.

Throughout her experiences as a Social Worker, Rebecca has always strived to provide a caring and safe environment for her clients to freely express themselves and achieve the most they can from their therapeutic experience.

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